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Jammu & Kashmir Floods

INR 4,73,000/- was spent in procuring the much needed relief supplies requested for by the Kashmir Red Cross Unit


A well balanced diet of proteins, carbo-hydrates etc. is prepared and fed as mid-day meal along with health supplements. Health supplements for children upto 3 years of age.

Drinking Water Supply Scheme

Before the water supply project, the women folk used to waste 4-5 hours every day in fetching water. Now women will be able to save the time and energy and utilize the same for productive purpose.

Dharma Bharati Mission

A Socio-Spiritual Organization for ‘Hunger-free, Caste-free and Corruption-free India’ (Promoted by Navasrushti International Trust) Collaboration in the Hunger-Free India Project. Red Cross has since many years adopted some of our children as per details given below: FY Amount No.of Children Supported Annual Cost per Child 2010-2011 120000 100 1200 2011-2012 240000 200 1200 2012-2013 288000 […]

Rural Development Projects

With a population of 256 consisting of 45 families of landless laborers and construction site workers, this village faces acute water shortage which has adversely affected sanitation and hygiene in the village.

World Red Cross Day 2018

World Red Cross Day is an international day that is dedicated to alleviating human suffering, upholding human dignity, protecting life, and preventing emergencies

Distribution of Sanitary Napkins

Menstruation/Menses/Periods/Mahawari is a simple biological affair but a gigantic problem for about 90% of the women in our country

Appeal to Donate for Flood relief in Assam Bihar

The floods that have occurred in Bihar and Assam have displaced and devastated thousands of lives. Make a difference by lending support to those in dire need. A little help from you can go a long way in saving lives of many victims.

LA Red Cross Chair Visit Mumbai

ANDREA DAVIS: Oh, what an amazing trip! I am totally re-energized and inspired by all the volunteers I met. I even had the opportunity to meet with leadership from the Mumbai Red Cross. Mumbai’s focus was on providing health services to the remote and under-served populations throughout the city.

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