A Socio-Spiritual Organization for ‘Hunger-free, Caste-free and Corruption-free India’ (Promoted by Navasrushti International Trust) Collaboration in the Hunger-Free India Project.

Red Cross has since many years adopted some of our children as per details given below:

FY Amount No.of Children Supported Annual Cost per Child
2010-2011 120000 100 1200
2011-2012 240000 200 1200
2012-2013 288000 200 1200
2013-2014 432000 300 1440
2014-2015 180000 125 1440
2015-2016 156000 100 1560
2016-2017 156000 100 1560

The food has helped to tackle the chronic malnutrition in these children and they have gained in height & weight, improved their attendance level as well as attention spans in schools. For many this is often the only proper meal that they get as their parents are all working since early morning to late night. The schools are also very thankful for the meal provided

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