Basic education links the children, whether of the cities or’the villages”. Education is the key to development not only of children but of nations. PremSevaMahila Mandal, as an NGO with its volunteers has been working to address this issue over the years, across the communities by promoting the cause of education by generating awareness, encouraging children to attend schools, initiating innovative school programs like door to door schools for children who have never attended school or have dropped out for various reasons through our mobile school bus. This is possible only if every single person in the society joins hands and come together to demand and ensure education. Bombay City Red Cross has given the resources to the cause of education through the nutritious mid-day meal.

Education, Child Health and Nutrition: The Program aims to reduce malnutrition in children whom we teach. Provides nutritious mid-day meal a balanced diet and identifying and treating severely malnourished children with health supplements like Sheera, Upuma, Sukli (Wheat and Jaggery) and by improving feeding practices of young children among mothers.

Beneficiaries are around 500 children(girls and boys), have demonstratedpositive thinking, improved self-esteem, decision making ability to stand uptoabuse, improved health mainly hygiene and diets. Over 40 volunteers have been trained as educators, counselors for empowering these children and adolescent girls.

Laisoning activities with service provides Medical and immunization check- ups, camps conducted regularly immunization, height weight charts are maintained.

Mobile door step check-up of women and children. Counselling services for violence, physical abuse. Legal help and police help and refer for further intervention.

Street plays organized by our own volunteers or from ideal drama academics. Empowering Men to fight against violence on women and children; importance of education and girl child.

Outdoor activities – taking them out for picnics to a resort, beach, park, circus for an exposure to the outside world as well as entertainment otherwise all they know is coal, dust, mud and bricks.

Educational tours – are organized in taking them to Nehru Planetarium, Worli, Coin,.Museum, Reserve Bank, Post – office, Bank to encourage saving,,s, police station, fire station for them to know what goes on beyond them.

Visit to the biscuit factory, textile loom gives them a first hand in on what and how things are made.

Reports of Health Check-up:

  • Common Problems found in Children:
  • Malnourishment / Anaemia
  • Vitamin A Deficiency
  • Wax in the ears
  • Lice in the hair
  • Fungal Infection
  • High rate of alcoholism among parents, chewing of tobacco even among children. Parents neglect the children due to alcoholism.

Mal – Nutrition:

Nutritious mid-day meal provided to combat mal-nutrition. A well balanced diet of proteins, carbo-hydrates etc. is prepared and fed as mid-day meal along with health supplements. Health supplements for children upto 3 years of age: Sheera
Sukli Рfor pregnant and lactating women. (Sukli is an ingredient of wheat and Jaggery) 

Knowledge on wheels:¬†PremSevaorganises computers by networking with other NGO’s. The first touch, first feel on the computers, the pictures on the screen motivates children to increase their knowledge.

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