Khanvale water supply & Shivansai Ambe Toilet Projects:

With malnutrition disease & death stalking the rural backyard of the metropolis, Bombay City Red Cross (BCRC) continued to undertake rural social development with view to reduce the yawning urban-rural devide. On April 20 , 2008 the Chairman of BCRC Mr. A. Bulchandani accompanied by Mrs. SherooPalia, Dr. (Ms.) C.J Batliwalla, Mr.KishoreUdeshi, Mrs. Chandra Ruia& Ms. RodaBillimoria inaugurated the Khanvale Drinking Water Supply Scheme. Khanvale is a tribal village located at a distance of 8 kilometers from Shantivan in Raigarh district. With a population of 256 consisting of 45 families of landless laborers and construction site workers, this village faces acute water shortage which has adversely affected sanitation and hygiene in the village, leading to outbreaks of scabies among children. Three self help groups of 39 villagers came forward to take on the responsibility & maintenance needed to construct a bore well install tank and tap connections. Collaborating with a grass root NGO KushtarogNirvanSamiti who would help in overseeing the implementation of the project., BCRC along with Vasundara Alert Excel financially facilitated the coming on stram of this water supply scheme. A bore well was dug & water tank and six tap connections were given at a cost of Rs. 2.80lakhs. With the inauguration of the Khanvale Drinking Water Supply Scheme, BCRC has the distinction of having completed and gifted drinking water, which is the elixir of life to seven villages across Maharashtra.

Shivansai Ambe Toilet Project:

On the same day at ShivansaiAmbe village in Panvel Taluka which has population of 485 inhabitants comprising 97 families, Mrs. Udeshi member of Maharashtra Sate Red Cross inaugurated the 5 toilet blocks for the use of that village.

Malnutrition Project:

Based on the findings of the Centre for Development Studies Pune which revealed acute malnutrition problems faced by the tribal population of Maharashtra and believing that to beat poverty hunger must first be defeated, BCRC undertook in July 2007,a one year mid-day meal program at Katai village in Bhiwandi. The main features of the program included mid-day meal, administration of hemoglobin Syrup, iron rich ladoos, deworming syrup, hair lotion for lice control and health hygiene sessions. Six months later there was a noticeable change and same children appeared more active and full of life vigor & displayed a sign of confidence. the program has spurred BCRC to continue in the coming 2008-2009 (August to July 2009).

Bombay City Funds Committee Staff Neeta Gidwani along with Junior Red Cross Staff Mrs. Joyce Pinto, Bhavesh Sao, Peons Sandeep, Vijay and 2 drivers visited Govt. Post Basic Ashramshala Maroshi, Taluka Murbad , Dist. Thane 3 hours run from our office (on 23 July, 2008). There were 465 children notebooks distributed were 1330, slates 80, pencils 200, rubbers 100 and few old clothes which were taken by Junior Red Cross. In the notebooks also there was a share of Junior Red Cross also. Bombay City Funds Committee Staff Neeta Gidwani along with peon Sandeep and one driver Nandu visited ZillaParishad School, Palspada, Asangaon, Shahpur Taluka, it is 3 1/2 hour run to 4 hours run from our office (on 2 August, 2008). There were 231 children of 4 villages (Palspada, Ganeshwadi, Kalmbe, and Vaduchapada), we visited only 2 villages that is Palspada & Ganeshwadi as there were very very heavy rains and we had to go up on the hill where the schools were situated and the roads were in very bad conditions we even had to cross the small nullahs which were filled with water. Bombay City Funds Committee Staff Neeta Gidwani along with Mr. Benedict visited The VidyaVihar Charitable Trust, Vajreshwari Tal. Wada, Dist. Thane on (29 May, 2008) and distributed 1200 note books, 400 pencils, 300 scales, 250 rubbers, 2 boxes of Dettol, and ORS for children, (for 645 children) they want from us to small plate and vati for the children for them to have lunch in the same. Bombay City Funds Committee Staff along with Junior Red Cross Staff we visited on (8 July, 2008) St. Theresa’s Dispensary, TalukaArnala and Distributed 1100 notebooks, Long Books 500, Pencils 300, & Scales 300 (250 children). They are in need of medicines. Bombay City Red Cross Staff along with Junior Red Cross Staff visited RaigadZillaParishad Primary School, Dhodhani, TalukaPanvel, (on 19 July, 2008) and distributed 1200 notebooks, 30 slates & 200 pencils (200 children). They would like us to arrange a health camp at their village for children.

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