There was a clouclburst in Uttarakhand on 16-17 June 2013 which affected 12 of their 13 districts. Mrs. Homai N. Modi mentioned on 16m July that Uttarakhand disaster is not a happy way of celebrating 150 years of Red Cross, but that is what Red Cross is all about – disaster management! She got in touch with Dr. I. S. Pal, General Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society Uttarakhand State Branch & as per their requirements the following relief items were sent from Maharashtra State Branch four times:-

500 Raymond’s new readymade shirts for gents & 300 new Raymond pants,
500 new readymade clothes for ladies,
200 new saris,
300 new mufflers,
12 boxes of ORS (each of 300 packets),
5 new tents,
2 new generators,
one new wheelchair,
a carton of mixed medicines,
chlorine tablets
30 kg of dry food
73 cartons of assorted medicines,
10 cartons Protien
11 cartons of dry food & sweets,
3000 packs (each 400gm) of Nestle milk powder & 1000 Satranjis
1000 Bajaj LED Solar lanterns donated by Indian Merchants Chamber
66 boxes of assorted medicines donated by Rotary Club of Mumbai Queens Necklace & J. B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Further 1000 Bajaj LED solar lanterns as per the Uttarakhand Governor’s request were purchased by the state.

As no further relief items were required by Dr. I. S. Pal, he was informed that the funds we had collected for Uttarakhand would remain with us until he informed us how they wished to carry out rehabilitation activities. Dr. Pal was greatly appreciative of the much needed help extended by Maharashtra State Branch.

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